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The current climate that teens are growing up in involves a mixture of unrealistic expectations, endless pressure, and a confusing world of social media. Adolescence should be a time when teens are discovering their true passions, connecting with like-minded people, and learning to love their own unique qualities. Contemporary society makes it difficult for teens to be themselves at times and it can breed anxiety and overwhelming feelings. Parenting a teenage daughter can be a difficult task and I know that most parents are doing everything in their power to help their daughters develop into mature, empathetic and self-aware young women. 


Working with a teen life coach will provide your daughter with a source of support, someone who is in their corner, but not in their immediate family. I am here to listen, validate, ask illuminating questions, and most importantly help girls find the answers within themselves. I will provide your daughter with concrete strategies and tools that she can use that will increase self-confidence, help her foster healthy interpersonal relationships, and decrease stress and anxiety. Working with a coach can also help prevent clinical diagnosis like anxiety and depression by developing coping skills and self-awareness.

Why Teen Souls is Unique

I often integrate mindfulness practices into my work with teen girls if they are open to it. I believe that adults, teens, and children benefit from mindfulness practices in this non-stop, busy world we live in. Mindfulness helps us to calm our minds, develop compassion towards ourselves and others, increase focus and concentration, and live in the moment rather than ruminating on the past or the future. 


For teens specifically, mindfulness can help with academic anxiety, enjoying everyday activities, handling arguments with friends or parents, combating repetitive and negative thoughts, and handling difficult moods. Developing resilience at a young age is hugely important; mindfulness offers a powerful model of positive coping. The neurobiology of the adolescent predisposes them to higher levels of impulsivity, yet mindfulness can help them take a moment to breathe and reflect before reacting impulsively or making questionable decisions. 


Please email me at to learn more about the teen life coaching process and determine whether it is a good fit for you and your daughter!

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