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Meet Olivia Tiffany

Ever since my teenage years, I have been on a journey of discovering what makes me happy and cultivating a life where I feel empowered and self-confident. Like any other human being, I have gone through ups and downs, discovering bits of wisdom along the way. With the help of mentors, coaches, teachers, family and friends I have learned how to create a balanced life, be self-aware, be compassionate, love myself, and control my stress. I was so lucky to have had a good support system as a teen girl, both from my parents and other adults in my life; specifically, teachers I felt connected to at the all-girls middle and high school that I attended.


I also worked with a teen life coach when I was in middle school and it made a huge impact on me.​ I loved having a young adult female mentor to look up to and to help me navigate my way through a challenging time in my life; someone older, yet young enough to be able to remember and relate to what I was going through. As I approach my thirties, I often think about how grateful I am for the tools and strategies I learned, which helped me to be more compassionate towards myself and self-aware. This bond with my life coach was so strong that she inspired me to work with teen girls and I received my coaching certification from her company. I believe every teen girl deserves to have a life coach in their corner, someone who will listen, not judge and share powerful tools and strategies that make life as a teenager less stressful!


In my free time I love to read books, hike with my puppy, go camping, practice yoga, do arts and crafts, and hang out with friends and family. 


I can’t wait to connect with you! 



Credentials & Experience

I graduated from Skidmore College (New York) in 2012 with a B.A. in education and theater. Since completing college, I pursued theater and worked as an elementary school teacher. I absolutely loved teaching but I know that I want to do more to support children and adolescents emotionally. I have helped lead therapy groups for pre-teens at The Lifespan Psychological Center in Los Angeles guiding young girls through the world of peer pressure, friendship struggles, academic pressure and relationship difficulties. Additionally, I am actively involved in a non-profit organization called United In Harmony, in which I lead groups of adolescents to organize monthly events for underprivileged children in Los Angeles. 


I am a graduate of Tami Walsh’s Teen Wisdom Inc. Life Coaching Program for girls and am a certified teen life coach. I am excited to work one-on-one and in groups with teen girls as their life coach and to guide them so they can find the answers within themselves. I have also just begun my doctoral degree in child and adolescent psychology and I hope to integrate that into my teen life-coaching practice with young girls. Lastly, I am a graduate of the Mindful Educator’s Essentials Course with Mindful Schools, a company that trains educators, coaches, mental health professionals, and parents to integrate mindfulness into the lives of children and adolescents. ​

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