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Life​ Coaching for

Teen Girls

My mission as a teen life-coach is to empower teen and pre-teen girls ages 10-18 to make productive decisions, discover their true identities as young women, be reflective, attain their goals, and develop a deep sense of self-love. I want to be the person for teen girls that my life-coach was for me when I was that age. In order to achieve these goals of mine, I have created Teen Souls, a place and community where parents and teen girls can receive the support and tools they need to make the teen years more enjoyable and less confusing. 

Some of you, either parents or teens, may be curious or a little unsure about what coaching entails. Let me explain a little more about coaching and the relationship between the coach and the client. A teen life coach uses her life experience and creativity to guide and encourage teen girls to develop their own self-care practice. She listens carefully and patiently, while supporting and empathizing, rather than directly instructing. She asks meaningful questions to enable teen girls to find the answers to their difficulties themselves. She will provide concrete strategies and tools that increase self-confidence, help foster healthy interpersonal relationships, and decrease stress and anxiety. She is a “professional best-friend” and cares deeply and passionately. A teen life coach shares warmth and kindness to empower young girls to be successful, open, confident, strong, and compassionate. 

What is




  • Identity: who am I?

  • Navigating dating, sexuality, and relationships

  • Decision-making

  • Friendship challenges (growing apart, betrayal, conflicts, competition etc.)

  • Body image & self-acceptance

  • School stress and academic pressure

  • Family relationship challenges

  • Direction and future

  • Pressure–self-imposed and peer pressure

  • Self-confidence & self-esteem​

Often I am asked what the difference is between therapy and coaching; while there are some similarities, there are also many core differences. Coaching puts the teen in charge so she can determine the agenda, focuses on actions and the future rather than past events, focuses on problem-solving rather than exploring the root of a problem, and focuses on learning new skills rather than letting go of old patterns. 




I'M In!

I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone call with one or both parents to hear more about your daughter and learn where she may need support. If we are a good fit for each other, I look forward to doing an in-person appointment with JUST the parents to learn even more about your daughter and to develop a plan of support for her. Next, I will start to meet with your daughter independently and begin to develop a rapport with her during weekly sessions. 

I am very excited to work with you and your daughter!

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